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About me


OK, here goes: I am super proud of my last name, but unfortunately regardless of how many times I say it, only the sharpest knife in the tool chest gets it right, much less remembers it.  And in the music biz, for some stupid reason I think remembering my name is important so call me Alex Pass-the-Whiskey, call me Alex P., call me AP or whatever.  Heck, you can even call me one of my old college or high school nicknames, but if you don't know those, I ain't telling!  I don't really care about labels anyway, I just really hope you like my music, my vids and my website.  Really appreciate you checking me out, so without any further ado, cue bio below:


Mixing a love of social justice and environmental advocacy with unrelenting musical passion, Alex P. has forged a brand of music all his own. As a poet, he blends spoken word into songs in a mix that bridges many genres, adds many different styles to his sound, and paints audio landscapes to match the most vivid painting or graphic work.

After many years spent honing his skills in a number of touring groups like New York City's own Room On Fire & Burlington, Vermont's Tribe of Light, Alex P. has moved his craft to the solo set, coming across with honesty and a clear passion for sound that he hopes will leave you wanting more.

Experimental sounds, crossing social causes with music, passion, activism, frustration and universal unconditional love, all of these are elements that bubble in the cauldron of music he paints his soundscapes with. Constantly refining his style, mixing singing with guitars, percussion, beats and ambient mixes, his music will draw you in.


Beautiful melodies, catchy rhythms & delicate harmonies are what make Alex P. shine. A singer/songwriter tirelessly refining his music for over twenty years, the goal is to move you with the passion and energy he puts into his music, in every soulful note.


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