Alex P. Open Mic Night Ed's Oak Grill & Tavern 8.22.17 - 5 of 17

Bernard Sanders Letter

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Alex P. Open Mic Night Ed's Oak Grill & Tavern 8.22.17 - 2 of 17

Alex P. Open Mic Night Ed's Oak Grill & Tavern 8.22.17 - 6 of 17

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Live at Manhattan Pizza

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Live at the X-Factor Auditions

CD Cover: A Disturbance in the Force

Hear the evolution of my sounds, with a genre-bending assault on political messages and zen trance.

Live at Higher Ground

A dream come true, playing at the biggest club in Vermont, co-owned by members of the band Phish. Shared the stage with Zack DuPont that night.

Live at WBKM: COTS Cd Interview

Learn about the amazing compilation CD that raises money for the Homeless. Every download is a 100% donation that helps feed, clothe and shelter those in desperate need of our help.

Picking out a new guitar

This is where it all began, my love for the guitar that has gigged with me for more shows than any other guitar.

Live at the Maritime Festival

My favorite venue! Most beautiful spot on the waterfront on Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT, playing outdoors for people passing by. My Best friends in VT run the show, so it's really special for me to play here. Backup drums played by Joe Samuelian, my old bandmate from Tribe of Light.

Jammin' @ the Block Gallery

Melting Faces at Manhattan Pizza

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Open Mic night at Manhattan Pizza

One of the first times I played solo with my own material in Vermont.

Live at the Barre Heritage Festival

Jamming for a few hundred friends in Barre.

Live at the Half Lounge

Awesome gig on Church Street in Burlington, VT. Great to play to people both inside and people passing by outside in the summertime.

Live @ Block Gallery & Coffeehouse

Awesome night at a really cool venue in Winooski, VT. Located in the footprint of where the legendary club Toast used to be.

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Another year at the Maritime

Solo run this time.

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Tools of the trade

Jammin with the electrics

Mixing system to rock the live shows